• How does our software work?

    Our software works by syncing your local Powerlink or Checkmate data to our cloud-hosted application programming interface (API). We also upload any inventory images that you have to our S3 storage server to make the photos publicly available.

    Our API aims to have an uptime of 99.9% and is secured to ensure that data isn't publicly accessible unless it's through our website solution or you have requested an access token.

    If your local Checkmate or Powerlink server is down, your website will still be up online as the data has synchronized to our systems. Data syncing will resumed once your local machine is back up and running.

  • What features do we offer?

    Modern Website Solution
    We offer a website solution that will talk to our API, which is easy to customise and comes hosted with lots of features, such as being able to view your entire inventory.

    Cloud Inventory API
    Your inventory can be accessed using our API by using a client assigned authorisation key. You are free to build your website on top of our API if you choose not to adopt our website solution.

    Realtime Analytics (Coming Soon)
    See how many visitors are coming to your website and identify which parts are the most popular. You can also see an overview of data such as daily visitors, monthly sales and transactional data.

Zane Swenson

European Auto Recycling INC - Rancho Cordova, CA

Justin and his team have extremely strong knowledge in selling auto parts on an online market. The automation of everything from our inventory system to our website is exactly what our industry has been missing.